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My First Tri

Near my highest weight I started Weight Watchers on January 5th, 2011.  I was 196 lbs and in not-so-great shape with a cholesterol as high as ever. The worst condition I'd ever been in and nearly the highest weight I'd been with only pregnancy tipping the scales any higher. Working out consisted of taking care of my kids and occasionally going on a one mile killer run to make myself feel like I was doing something good for my body (killer because I felt like dying, not because it was a great run!) I was a foodie and was all about nutrient-dense & organic food, but the addiction was slowly killing and immobilizing me. Fast forward 12 months: having lost over 35 lbs and had joined the Y, I had just completed a Thanksgiving to Christmas challenge to workout daily and was loving my workouts. I was also getting a little bored and needed a goal to help drive my ambition.  I decided I was going to do my first triathlon and signed up for the SheRox Sprint Tri in Napervill