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A story of my kitchen (dreams made reality)

Don't think for a second that because I like to dabble in a variety of things, don't mind putting in a little work and getting my hands dirty, and love to learn new things that taking on a big project like a kitchen remodel doesn't still have a large level of intimidation. It definitely did, and I think I'd be a fool to say otherwise because just dipping that new paint brush in the paint and taking that first stroke on the wood almost caused me to hyperventilate, and I've painted more than my fair share in my life! Having the confidence to try something by no means is equivalent to not being terrified that you could mess everything up. As with most things in life, I feel a little bit of fear and intimidation is a healthy thing and if you didn't feel any trepidation, I'd think that was very unusual. Taking the time to just leave the house to look at paint samples, flooring (I took at least half a dozen trips to look at and borrow floor samples), granite (a st